From the start, the goal was simple - we must make an effort, every single day.
We want to be the best - and find the best products to our customers.
Does that sound like a creed? It is almost too.

To reach the stars, you have to believe in their existence. However, wishful thinking is not enough - required knowledge and experience.

We know our craft, and know where the best materials available. We also know that our customers are the most important part of our constellation.

We thought itself, we have come a long way. There are troth moments when we experience to be just under the stars.
To reach the last part, we have decided to hitch a real star for our carriage - the Swiss jewelery company Chopard.
Chopard has more than anyone understood how to bring "happiness" and real quality time together.
We have always experienced strength and inspiration in cooperation with Chopard - and always noticed that we had towards the same goals.
Therefore, it is a pleasure that we can welcome !.